• Independence

    Renta 4 does not belong to any financial or industrial group, rendering it free to define its own investment strategy at all times, and allowing it the maximum of speed and flexibility in its decision-making process.


    Renta 4 is firmly committed to the quality of the assets it manages, making selections, in a critical and thoughtful way, based on a macroeconomic vision of the assets, geographical regions, sectors and securities which in every event turn out to be more favourable and suited to the economic situation.


    Renta 4 Gestora SGIIC has 30 years of experience and with over 5.800 million euros of assets under management, distributed between investment funds and SICAVs. Both Renta 4 Luxembourg and Renta 4 Gestora belong to the Spanish financial group Renta 4 Banco S.A.


    Renta 4 operates under the guidelines of a Code of Ethics, which is applied to each and every one of the aspects relating to any of the entities of the Group that there may be, such as their employees, proxies, officers, board members and representatives.


    Renta 4 prioritizes the risk control of its investments, carrying out long-term monitoring of the highest risk. The Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Department establishes and implements reliable systems that allow the risks of the managed CIIs and of the company itself to be identified, measured, monitored and evaluated on a continual basis. Furthermore, the MANCO in Luxembourg provides specific services of risk control and compliance through the Conducting Officer of Renta 4 Luxembourg.


    The particular business model of Renta 4 has seen Assets Under Management triple in value over the last few years, offering investors an effective means of direct communication with their advisors and managers with maximum transparency, ensuring they are close and accessible.